KeAWARD is an organisation of former fellows, mentors and fellow mentees of the African Women in Agricultural Research and Development (AWARD) Program.
We are actively involved in:
  • Empowering Agricultural communities particulary women through collaborative research and innovations, capacity building, policy and advocacy.
  • Educating, mentoring, guiding and motivating school learners especially girls to become future leaders and champions of change in the society.

Thematic Areas

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This theme focuses on empowering agricultural communities through collaborative research and innovations,policy and advocacy with the aim of contributing to improved and sustainable agricultural production and commercialization

The lead persons in this area are Ms. Elizabeth Odoyo and Ms. Beth Kuruma.

Careers and Education

Driven by the desire to give back to our Societies knowledge, skills and attitudes imparted and gained during the AWARD fellowship, the Chapter is actively involved in educating, mentoring and motivating learners in Kenya particularly girls through active interactions to develop strong personal life skills and take up meaningful careers in STEM and become change makers in their societies.

The lead persons are Dr. Virginia Wangondu and Dr. Esther Kanduma

Resource mobilization

For continued existence, financial self-reliance and sustainability of the chapter this theme explores avenues and innovative strategies for fundraising, generating income and mobilizing resources to support the chapter activities

The lead persons are Ms. Mary Gateri and Ms. Patricia Muiko

Recent Activities


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Held on 15-16thJune 2021


Held on 19thJune 2021


Held on 27 - 28thJuly 2021


Held on 15-16thJune 2021

Centres of Excellence

In the two years of its existence, KeAWARD has undertaken many role modelling and mentoring activities to promote STEM subjects, careers in Science and guide School learners to cultivate and grow strong inter-personal skills. The Chapter has identified several schools which are being piloted as learning Centre(Model Centres of Excellence) for agricultural and scientific activities in its mission to empower communities on Agricultural productivity and scientific technological development.

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Gatero Girls

KeAWARD has identified Gatero Girls one of the Model Centres of Excellence.

Naivasha Girls

As one the STEM model school KeAWARD has extended its mentoring guidance and role modeling to Naivasha Girls.

Kariobangi North Primary

This is a public primary school in Kasarani constituency serving over 1000 needy school going children.

Bohra School

Bohra Primary School which serves very need children from around Westlands and Kabete Constituencies.