Our story began in the year 2016, with an aim to strengthen and advance AWARD's strategies.

Today, we have a proud membership of 50 Active Members



Our Fellowship invests in building the science, leadership and mentoring skills of high potential agricultural scientists. Our Region of Focus is Kenya, located in the Eastern Part Of Africa.

Institutional Engagement

We support Kenyan Research Institutions to enhance Gender responsiveness within their research priorities and processes.

AWARD Training

We design customized learning experiences, to strengthen the mentoring, leadership and scientific research skills of agricultural researchers and other decision makers

Featured Programs

At The End, The Lives We Touch Is All That Matters.

School Mentorship Program

KeAWARD established a Vegetable Garden In The school farm to support the school feeding program. Plans are underway to donate a drip irrigation system to the school.

Centers Of Excellence

We promoted STEM and Careers in Science and Mentoring and guiding the Girls to Cultivate and Nurture Leadership and Life Skills.

Research And Innovation

KeAward Identified Gatero Girls, to promote it into a learning center for agricultural and scientific Activities.

How We’re changing lives

Social Impact

We have engaged more than 20 schools in Kenya spreading across

20 Counties, benefiting more than 4,000 women and Girls from

our programs.


KeAWARD is determined to be A Change-Maker, Achieving Development Impact, Developing future leaders and Experts in STEM and Agricultural careers.


Student Testimonials

In Their Kind Words…

“I am very happy for

this day. I thank God for this day. I have regained my confidence in my career and even in my studies. Thanks for now I see myself as a scientist.

Eunice Wairimu

“Today has been an amazing, inspiring, enjoyable day in my life. Thanks so much for the educative skills you have given unto us, the sessions have been enjoyable”

Georgina Pendo

I felt like a scientist, even though I learned that I have been a scientist all along. The experiments has motivated me to work towards being a scientist. I loved the experience. Science rocks!!”.

Patricia Awino

“It was a great experience, as a student of form two, I got the chance to experience how it feels to be a scientist. I enjoyed this workshop a lot and i hope to feel this moment again, hopefully with a lot of knowledge”.

Fiona Wanjiku

"It was very educating and

enjoyable. I Honestly Loved the celebration and collaboration. It has created a drive and an impact in me to work harder in all subjects”.

Wendy Nyaboke

”The workshop was very fun, interesting and rewarding.

I have learned new things and now I believe that women can be scientists”.

Nancy Mwende