Nora Ndege

About Nora Ndege

Nora’s career passion lies in innovative research and policy analysis that links multilevel policies to local resources and development realities – in a manner that creates sustainable development opportunities for the poor.

This passion builds on hands-on experience gained through working with local communities to implement agricultural and development projects at the World Agroforestry Centre and at the African Centre for Technology Studies where she is currently a research fellow.


Norah is competent in a broad array of issues around innovation (particularly agricultural innovations) and transformative knowledge systems that enhance the role of science and technology to address societal needs.

Nora is also a doctoral fellow at the Science Policy Research Unit, the University of Sussex, United Kingdom. Nora is also passionate about thought leadership.

She is the chairperson of an alumni network KeAWARD that empowers agricultural communities through research and is also a contributor at the Future Africa Forum.

Nora is a recipient of the Growing the Future Fellowship.

She also serves as a committee member in the Inter-Agency Committee on Contribution of Research – (RST&I).


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